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Media Release | January 18, 2021:  One year on from Greg Page’s sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in January 2020 and Heart of the Nation – a registered Australian charity founded by Page – is gaining traction with promoting the importance of the chain of survival and those who play their part in it.

Call, push, shock is rallying call that reflects the chain of survival and an automated external defibrillator (AED) is the critical link in that chain – providing the shock needed to increase the chance of survival and bring a heart back to life.

Heart of the Nation was founded just months following Page’s collapse of SCA, to create awareness about SCA and recognise businesses, organisations and community groups that have an AED on site.

“If it wasn’t for the quick-thinking CPR actions of those around me, and the publicly available defibrillator at Castle Hill RSL where I was performing, there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be here today.  Doing something is always better than doing nothing, so while you’re waiting for an ambulance to arrive, the CPR and AED are your best chance at survival,” Page explains.

SCA can strike anywhere at any time and sadly, it takes 27,000 Australian lives, each year.  For every minute that passes without an AED being used, a patient’s chance of survival decreases by 10%, which is why Heart of the Nation wants to see as many AED’s as possible out in the communities we are all part of.

“It’s great to have AED’s in close proximity, however people need to know where they are and that they’re available for use.  Ultimately, we’d like to see AED’s available within 3 minutes of where anyone happens to be, which is why we’re set on educating organisations and individuals on the importance of having AED’s on site and accessible when they’re needed.

“Our easily recognisable Heart of the Nation brand acts as a symbol of participation for Heart of the Nation Members who have an AED available for people to access and use,” Page added.

Heart of the Nation’s Member Network includes workplaces, community hubs, shop-safe places, retailers and CPR providers.  Heart of the Nation also strives to provide gifted AED’s to community groups that cannot afford to purchase them.
“Just as we see fire extinguishers in all kinds of locations, we need to start seeing more AED’s, because that’s the best way to help reduce the number of lives lost each year from 27,000 per year.  This is why Heart of the Nation is working with partner organisations and businesses, like CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group) to gift AED’s where a need exists in the community”, said Page.

In 2020, CHRG gifted nine AED’s to be deployed in first responder vehicles, Castle Hill Bowling Club and Walgett RSL – a rural country club that CHRG supports through its adopted club initiative.

Heart of the Nation is thrilled to announce that since CHRG became the first Heart of the Nation Network Member in May 2020, an additional 30 organisations have signed up to be a network member, which means there are currently over 400 Heart of the Nation locations, Australia-wide.

“The Wiggles have a long association with CHRG and we are so pleased that a decision we made 16 years ago to install AED’s has had such a life-changing impact on one of the original Wiggles.  We look forward to working with Greg Page and Heart of the Nation to urge others to install AED’s in order to save more lives.  Popular community meeting places, such as clubs like ours, have a responsibility to protect the people who enjoy spending time in that place,” said David O’Neil, Group CEO of CHRG.

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