2022 CHRG Board of Directors Election

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CHRG Board of Directors

The Board’s vision is for CHRG to be an outstanding community leader in the Club industry across Australia – defined by what we do inside and outside of our venues, for the communities where we operate.

With an emphasis on diversification to ensure the provision of sustainable support through our corporate social responsibility and ClubGRANTS initiatives, our strategy enables us to maximise the positive outcomes we deliver to the members of the communities where we operate.

It’s a member-driven approach that is based on our understanding of the people who benefit from the work of our Clubs… from the young to the young at heart. Our Board of Directors live and breathe our community – guiding every decision to ensure our club is the best in the industry.

John Payne


Mike Yeo

Vice President

Rick Cumming


David Elliot


Shubhada Gandhi


David Hand


John Mason


Michelle Rofe


David Wood


2022 CHRG Insight Reports

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About CHRG

For more than 45 years, CHRG has been a constant positive presence in Sydney’s North West. Originally known as Castle Hill RSL Group, CHRG now owns and operates some of our community’s favourite places to connect – whether it’s over a hearty meal, a casual drink, a spin class, or a relaxed game of golf.

At CHRG, community is at the heart of everything we do. By creating a diverse range of dynamic places and supporting community activities, we make it easy for people to come together.

Every CHRG place is designed to make people feel welcome and at home. Through our impeccable service, lively entertainment and social occasions, we make life that little bit brighter.

CHRG is built on a legacy of supporting veterans by fostering meaningful connections. Over the years, this sense of respect and camaraderie has grown to encompass our entire community.

We encourage everyone in our world to learn, grow and strive to be their best. From career progression to health and physical fitness, we encourage development on all fronts.