Join CHRG today to gain access to all the facilities the club offers such as discounted prices on food and beverages, in-house shows, sub-clubs, the Members Rewards Program plus much more!

For more information please call the Membership Services Department on (02) 8858 4846, or alternatively print out the membership form and return it in person to our reception staff.

Please note you will need a current driver’s licence, Government issued photo identification card (with an address included) or Passport as proof of identity when obtaining your membership card.


The Members Rewards Program recognises the loyalty of our members and in return rewards them through various discounts, special promotions, in-house purchases and exclusive events.

The program is based upon a system of tiering which means that the more tier points you earn on your card, the higher the level that you can aspire to achieve.

The five levels include Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Double Diamond. In order to progress to our top level members are encouraged to accrue the number of points they earn on their card whether it be from Food or Beverage outlets.

Head to your nearest CHRG venue and swipe your membership card at the Members Rewards Kiosk, which will display your level.

Automatically every Tuesday Members will move up to the level that they qualify for, based on the tier points they have earned over the previous six months.

Bonus points can be used toward purchases in any CHRG venue as well as gift vouchers.

Bonus points cannot be redeemed for cash. Using your bonus points to make purchases doesn’t alter the level you’re in. 

Yes, but unlike moving up in levels, this will be reviewed every six months on the 8th of April and the 8th of October. Once you reach a level you will not move down until the next review date.

Yes, at the close of business on June 30th each year bonus points will expire and become zero.