Our Community Connection

At CHRG, community is at the heart of everything we do – making it easy for people to come together and feel welcome and at home. We like to make life that little bit brighter, and so we continue to build on our legacy of veteran support by fostering meaningful connections that have grown to encompass our entire community… encouraging everyone in our world to learn, grow and strive to be their best.

The contribution CHRG makes to the social, sporting and economic infrastructure in the community is enormous, and this involvement is a fundamental belief of our organisation – with a genuine commitment to participate and make a difference in the communities where we operate.

As an organisation with venues spanning across three (3) local council areas, we pride ourselves on being ‘connected’ and providing much-needed support to many of our local community groups and organisations.

CHRG provides direct and indirect funding to the Hills, Parramatta and Hawkesbury communities, spending millions of dollars each year in infrastructure and community support programs. In 19/20 we donated in excess of $1.6 million, and as a not-for-profit organisation, every cent of revenue is re-invested back into facilities and the community.

Through our Community Connection Program and ClubGRANTS, CHRG proudly supports and fosters many varied facets of our local communities. For more information on our Community Connect Program, ClubGRANTS and our Inter-Clubs see below: