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CHRG through, Club Parramatta, has been supporting PCYC Parramatta for many years and this year, we sponsored their ‘Fit for Life’ program for 2021. ‘Fit for Life’ is an early intervention program designed to engage youth aged between 10 and 17 years who can benefit from support in making better choices and learning more social behaviour.

Through physical fitness, nutrition and social engagement mentoring and advice, the program aims to improve overall wellbeing, as well as prevent and divert youth from offending behaviours. Our funding equates to providing around 30 youth with access to this program for twelve months.

Through this program (and many others the PCYC conducts), Parramatta PCYC is providing invaluable support to local youth who are in need of positive role models to guide them towards better life choices. Well done PCYC Parramatta!

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